Turn Your Clutter Into Cash With eBay!

by martha on March 3, 2016


IMG_3333Look familiar? I can help you transform a corner that looks like this into extra money.

I have a great practical course for you if, like many of us, you have unused items taking up physical space in your home and energetic space in your psyche.

That may seem a little woo-woo for some, but even the least mystical of us have to admit that even catching a glimpse of dusty, unwanted items stuffed into the corners of our houses, garages or in a storage space that we pay extra rent for feels bad.

In my four-week webinar course, I teach people how to choose items to sell and get them out of their house for good simply and easily without turning their space into a junky “shipping department” and risking losing money by making the most common mistakes of an eBay newbie.

With my PRO Tips for the eBay Amateur, I pass along the lessons I’ve learned as an active-but-casual seller on eBay for almost 15 years.

Access to the live webinars, special Q&A bonus sessions, all the materials and recordings of all sessions is available at the low introductory price of just $127

The next session of my online course Turn Your Clutter Into Cash With eBay begins Thursday, March 10. Please contact me to register.

Contact me today for more information and a free preview session chockfull of tips that will have you selling your castaway items on eBay simply and easily by next weekend.


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Holiday Weight Gain is NOT Unavoidable

by martha on November 25, 2012

Like that double negative up there in the title? I needed to actively negate, undermine and begin the destruction of that stubborn myth.

I didn’t just need to do it for you. I need to do it for me.

Even though I have two holiday seasons under an ever-shrinking belt, I still have to be very AWARE of the fatalistic stories I tell myself and the damaging points of view I validate during conversations with others.

It is NOT TRUE that weight gain is inevitable over the holidays.

It is NOT TRUE that we “should” wait until January 1 and behave as if getting healthy is a first-quarter SPRINT instead of a different long-term and daily CHOICE for our lives.

What IS true…

* every year, people all around us sail through the holidays and reach the end of the year just as healthy or HEALTHIER than they were on Halloween.

* it is completely within our power to enjoy ourselves, spend time with family and friends, and CHOOSE to have October to December be just another three-month period in our year. We can even INDULGE when we CHOOSE to do so.

* It is KEY to DECIDE to be healthier and to make daily choices that confirm that commitment we’ve made to ourselves.

* A cookie or a slice of pie is NOT necessarily what’s going to make YOU less healthy or fatter. But it’s also NOT necessarily going to make you happier or increase your satisfaction in any meaningful way. Take the power away from the cookie. The power is within you. And if you choose to eat the cookie or the slice of pie, enjoy it!

* When we examine what we really want and decide to just take it choice by choice, decision by decision, meal by meal and day by day, WE have the power to dictate what our life and health will look like tomorrow, the day after that and years into the future.

So CHOOSE something that works for you.

CHOOSE something that serves YOU now. It may not be what worked for you in the past and that’s ok. It may not be what works for your best friend, or your mom, or your sister, or your husband or your neighbor.

Just make it something you can agree to stick to, in the long run, knowing that you CHOSE it.

And…(and this is the really important part, so pay attention) if it doesn’t work for you or it stops working for you, choose again.

Just don’t buy into the opinions around you that are disguised as “Facts!” and “Truths!”

That default position of taking on the views and choices of others as “The Path!” or as “just the way it is…” [insert sad trombone/Debbie Downer sound effect here] doesn’t serve you. It quite likely will undermine your power to decide and choose for yourself and to follow your own wisdom or even to keep seeking what WILL start working for you.

YOU can have an AMAZING holiday season.
You can have fun.
You can LAUGH!
You can LOVE!
You can HUG!
You can DANCE!
You can EVOLVE and LEARN and CHOOSE better for you.

Knowing all that…and allowing yourself to recognize that YOU have the power, what else is possible for YOU between turkey day and the end of the 2012 calendar year?

What could YOU do for YOU over the next 37 days if you didn’t put limits on it?

I’m curious. You don’t have to share. But I’d love it if you would.

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Toe Worms? No kidding!

December 12, 2011

Before I traveled to Africa, I did get some comments from my nearest and dearest wondering “how” I planned to keep my borderline OCD under control under “those conditions.” There were also gentle queries regarding my “hypochondria.” Now, both the OCD and hypochondria are NOT self-diagnosed (which seems, by definition, to negate both of those […]

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A Lesson on Tithing

November 15, 2011

This is a Randy Gage video from almost two years ago that literally changed my life and was a major factor in the release of a personal prosperity block. This weekend, while attending a seminar the issue of tithing came up and I found myself passionately (almost embarrassingly passionately…) making the case for a strict […]

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Martha Teresa

August 1, 2011

Look at these pictures. Really look at them. I’m angelic, aren’t I? I appear positively saintly. I know how it looks. There I am, appearing to minister to the needy, surrounded by darling, photogenic children dressed in glorious African color, all clamoring to have their pictures taken, hoping to be included in a silly game […]

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Learning Swahili

July 25, 2011

What follows is probably my favorite travel tip so far. The amazing Sylvia wrote me this note during our long drive to Karinda. Most of the children had never seen a white person before. Not even on TV. The place is REMOTE. Sylvia knew it was my first trip to Africa and that I’d landed […]

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Learning Something New Every Day

July 22, 2011

Things you may realize in your first few days in Africa: A commitment to dressing modestly out of respect for the truly lovely people you’re working with means that you’re going to end up with a really distinct farmer tan. There is no opportunity to rectify it naturally and self-tanner isn’t available in local stores, […]

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No Coincidences on the Road to Africa

July 21, 2011

It’s so interesting how things that initially appear to be obstacles turn out to be blessings. Often on the journey to Uganda, minor hiccups and delays led to fortuitous redirection. Traveling in peace always requires a level of resiliency and patience. Common challenges, when met with exasperation, can turn a potentially pleasant trip into one […]

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Why You Should NEVER Skip Your Company’s Convention

April 13, 2011

It’s that time again. You’re probably receiving enthusiastic emails encouraging you to register for your company’s annual conference. You’re probably reading these emails as you finish up your taxes and you may even think, “That’s *all* I made last year? Is it even worth the time and money to go to this thing?” I’ll admit: […]

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A Third Nephew Has Arrived

January 19, 2011

Isn’t he cute? Born today. Looks just like the other two did, as well as just like my son did almost 20 years ago. Our family is thrilled and it continues a streak of boys, for both my family and my brother’s wife’s family. (Hey E!) This beautiful new baby today makes 6 grandsons/nephews/sons in […]

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