A Blog As Crowded as a Gym in January

by martha on January 18, 2011

Poked around my blog today and was laughing to myself about the flurry of activity. I certainly know why there are suddenly a bunch of posts. (Accountability is a beautiful thing.)

To an outsider, it would still appear to be an anomaly. Halfway through the month and I keep showing up, but will it last? I made a personal commitment to blog more, joined the group, and am hoping that a habit will be established. Let’s hope that 31 days is enough to make writing for myself regularly a routine.

A friend recently texted me: Here it goes again! New Year’s resolutioners are  taking over the gym!”

Apparently, as of  January 3 it was long waits for cardio equipment, a shortage of clean towels, and crowded classes.

So, I asked him yesterday how things were looking.

HIM: Almost back to normal

ME: When does it usually return to normal levels?

HIM: Feb 1. Like clockwork.

hmmmm…January 18. I guess I’m not yet out of the woods for “habit establishment.”

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