A Lesson on Tithing

by martha on November 15, 2011

This is a Randy Gage video from almost two years ago that literally changed my life and was a major factor in the release of a personal prosperity block.

This weekend, while attending a seminar the issue of tithing came up and I found myself passionately (almost embarrassingly passionately…) making the case for a strict interpretation of tithing. Not so strict that to “tithe” you must give your money to your church, but really strict on it being 10% of your income, right off the top, before you even “pay yourself first.”

I’m curious, though. Outside of my circle of churchy friends, do the people I know tithe? (And, for that matter, do my churchy friends even tithe?)

And, I wonder what others have experienced when starting to tithe. My results have been unmistakable and I have a ton of stories that I can share some other time; right now I want to hear from you.

What do you think about this concept?

What has been your experience with it, in practice?

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Tony Isaac November 16, 2011 at 10:21 am

The biggest obstacle we Pentecostals currently face in our work with God is our heavy reliance on our feelings. Anything we feel good about must be right. Our further undoing is our belief that anything that works must be right even though there is no scriptural evidence to support it. Tithing falls in this category.

Now let me ask a seemingly silly question; those who swear by tithing and have so many testimonies, how rich are they? Have they made it onto the Forbes rich list? How do they compare to the world’s wealthiest; Bill Gates and co?

The way tithing is taught in much of today’s church cannot be found anywhere in the bible. All that is being taught today are man-made theories and personal opinions. For starters, the bible clearly defines the tithe as the TENTH part of agricultural produce and livestock; never ever does it define the tithe as 10% of anything including money. And in order to determine the tenth of crops, the harvest is simply grouped into 10 equal parts and the tenth separated as the tithe. In terms of the tithe of animals, every tenth animal is separated as the tithe and in the event that there is no tenth one cannot tithe.

Many assume that a tithe of crops was practised because money was absent, that is incorrect. Money was fully present as one could buy back one’s tithe if one chose to but will have to pay the monetary value plus 20%. One could also convert one’s tithe into money if the place God had commanded the tithe to be eaten is too far. The money was taken to the tithing banquet venue and every single cent spent by tithe tither on wine or strong drink or on anything they liked. I bet you have never heard this preached before.

The truth about the tithe is that it was the system of taxation for ancient Israel, it is quite akin to the taxes we pay to our respective governments. In the New Testament tithing is not required, instead we are encouraged to give anything we can afford with no so-called 10% set as a minimum giving standard.

God bless.

martha November 16, 2011 at 11:37 am

That’s really interesting, Tony. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

jon farley June 9, 2014 at 5:42 pm

I like to tithe 10% or more. Sometimes I have streak were I don’t but I always feel better when I am. I enjoy helping others less fortunate.

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