Turn Your Clutter Into Cash With eBay!

by martha on March 3, 2016


IMG_3333Look familiar? I can help you transform a corner that looks like this into extra money.

I have a great practical course for you if, like many of us, you have unused items taking up physical space in your home and energetic space in your psyche.

That may seem a little woo-woo for some, but even the least mystical of us have to admit that even catching a glimpse of dusty, unwanted items stuffed into the corners of our houses, garages or in a storage space that we pay extra rent for feels bad.

In my four-week webinar course, I teach people how to choose items to sell and get them out of their house for good simply and easily without turning their space into a junky “shipping department” and risking losing money by making the most common mistakes of an eBay newbie.

With my PRO Tips for the eBay Amateur, I pass along the lessons I’ve learned as an active-but-casual seller on eBay for almost 15 years.

Access to the live webinars, special Q&A bonus sessions, all the materials and recordings of all sessions is available at the low introductory price of just $127

The next session of my online course Turn Your Clutter Into Cash With eBay begins Thursday, March 10. Please contact me to register.

Contact me today for more information and a free preview session chockfull of tips that will have you selling your castaway items on eBay simply and easily by next weekend.

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