Turn Your Clutter Into Cash With eBay

After almost 15 years selling on eBay as a casual user, I have so much to teach you about converting that cluttered closet or garage into cash in your pocket…with ease.

As a Top Rated Power Seller on eBay I’ve learned by doing and taught many others how sell items from their home that otherwise would just be taking up space and making them feel bad.

During this four-week online course, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose which items to sell first
  • Techniques for releasing your attachment to unused and unwanted items
  • My PRO Tips for listing your items in the simplest and easiest ways
  • The most common and most expensive mistakes the new eBay user makes and how to avoid them
  • Efficient habits that make listing, selling and shipping a BREEZE!
  • Why your photos and descriptions are so important
  • What habits will support you in accomplishing your task without ending up creating more clutter in the process.

Your course includes:

  • 4 weekly webinars designed to guide you through the process and help you build momentum
  • Access to an online community of other students to bounce ideas off, learn from and celebrate with
  • Course materials sent to you electronically
  • Recordings of each class session
  • Recordings of additional Q&A sessions that occur in the weeks following your course.

You get all THIS, plus the money you’ll be bringing in selling your unused items, for the low introductory class price of $127.00

The next 4-week session of  Turn Your Clutter Into Cash With eBay begins Thursday, March 10. 

Please contact me to register.

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